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Nurtured Child Services

Nurtured Child Services

We provide different types of training, workshops, coaching and support for Parents, Educators, Professional Carers, as well as Adoption and Fostering Agencies.

Parent / Carer Consultation and Support

One to one support and training is given to a parent or carer through a programme specific to their needs identified during a consultation.

The methodology, techniques and benefits of the Approach will be tailored to their situation/circumstances and specific needs. This will empower them to make changes in their relationships with their child or young person. The Individual programme supports the development of The 3 Stands giving many opportunities to share, reflect and celebrate success. Working through these techniques will bring growth and confidence in using the Nurtured Heart Approach®

An introduction to the Nurtured Heart Approach - 1 hour

This one-hour introduction to the Approach will provide an outline of the concept and the primary reasoning behind the Nurtured Heart Approach.

It will explore why conventional methods used by parents, teaching professionals and carers often fail with intense children and young people, despite their best intentions. These relationship-focused techniques can shift a challenging child to using his or her intensity in successful ways, even if the child is diagnosed with ADHD, ODD or exhibits other difficult behaviours.

The short session gives an overview of the core methodologies and gives an insight into how the Inner Wealth is developed in all children. This introduction will leave you wanting to learn more about creating a richer social and emotional environment where greatness will thrive.

Two part programme for Parents/Carers/Professionals - 6hrs 'in total'

Part 1 – Learning all about the Nurtured Heart Approach - 3 hrs

This part of the programme will include discussion, videos and interactive activities to help you learn and give you the skills to practice the Nurtured Heart Approach giving you confidence to implement it with the children you work with or care for.

It will help you understand and teach you the simple techniques that will change your life forever.

With the following learning outcomes you will be able to step into the approach straight after this first 3 hours session.

Learning outcomes:

  • About the creator of the Nurtured Heart Approach Howard Glasser and why he developed the concept to be shared across the world
  • Why conventional methods of reward and discipline often fail with intense children
  • How to build a child’s Inner Wealth by developing a positive portfolio with them
  • Understanding the concept of ‘The 3 Stands’ and how they work
  • The purpose and benefits of using this approach with all Children
  • The success of the approach with children who exhibit difficult and intense behaviour
  • How to move challenging children into using their own intensity in successful ways
  • The different techniques that can be used to proactively support positivity

Part 2 – Recognition, Reflection and Reset – 3hrs (4/6 weeks later)

During the second session there will be an opportunity to reflect and share your own experiences working with the Nurtured Heart Approach in your home, school or setting. Explore what went well, what was harder to achieve. The methodologies will be revisited and explored in further depth, with self and group reflection exercises to confirm understanding of The 3 Stands.

With a deeper understanding of the approach, ‘self-recognition’ and ‘reset’, it will enable your confidence to grow whilst witnessing the ignition of greatness radiating through those you teach or care for.

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