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Helping Children use their intensity in successful ways

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Bringing out the greatness in all children

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Nurtured Child Practice

Nurtured Child
Nurtured Child

The Nurtured Child Practice is led by Director and Owner Mags Wilcock, who discovered the Nurtured Heart Approach® following a recommendation after her own experience of parenting a difficult and intense child.

She now delivers that very same training that changed her life, to others so they may benefit from these techniques under licence of the Children’s Success Foundation.

The feeling of relief she felt to finally find a concept and methodology that empowered her and her family to realign their child’s energy in a positive way, laid the foundations for Mags to open her own practice.

The Nurtured Child Practice enables adults who have the same daily struggles within their families, to learn about the power of the Nurtured Heart Approach® and how it can help children and young people truly find and grow their Inner Wealth™

The Nurtured Child Practice is dedicated to changing the way we look at challenging and intense behaviours, and is committed to providing effective proven methodologies for adults who care for or work with children and young people. The practice supports teachers, parents, childcare practitioners and social care professional agencies across the United Kingdom. Our aim is to help adults develop better relationships, breaking down the barriers to negative recurring behaviours, by providing the knowledge and skills. This provides new hope, excitement and empowerment to enable them to see the unique splendour and greatness in all children and young people by realigning their energy in a positive way.

We will share how simple it is, not only to improve situations with challenging or difficult children, but how to change your relationships forever by transforming their innate intensity to reveal their true Inner Wealth.

The Nurtured Heart Approach ®

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